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Marko Dordevic

Hi, my name is Marko and I am the founder Digital Markings channel. I am tech enthusiast who likes to talk about it, like 24/7. Just ask people who are close to me.


After years of  having fun and enjoying technology,  I've realized  little bit late, I know - I can do it on YouTube and share some of those experiences and opinions with you guys as well.

And here I am. 

If you really  don't want to know, I've been living in Mexico.  I have started Digital Markings channel as a hobby as well as the fan of Apple. I do have some ideas and plans where I would like this journey to take me, but one thing at the time. 

If you are not bored already, check out my YouTube channel - subscribe and don't forget the notification icon, so you don't miss the upcoming videos :).

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